The Disclaimer Blog (or “Trust Me I Am Not A Schizophrenic”)

“I have one shot at this and only one, so I gotsta make it count, I just gotsta.”- No one ever said this

When I was thinking of what to write for this evening’s blog I had a lot of things running through my mind on what to write about. I thought about sharing my views on a number of different subjects. Subjects like poetry, film, life, ambitions, music, dancing, love, death, beauty, eternity, heaven, hell, and everything in-between and politics. But I thought to myself, “Oliver (that’s what I call myself when I find myself in moments such as these) what are you doing man? You have the rest of your life to get into those subjects so why don’t you just take it slow.”

Normally I would respond to myself by saying, “Charles (that’s what Oliver calls this side of myself when they are in conversation with one another, trust me I am not a schizophrenic this kind of behavior is perfectly normal), over the years you have said a lot of crazy things, but this has got to be one of the craziest things you have ever said. There are people dying out there, people who don’t have a voice, people who are lost and confused, people who need answers. I have no time to take it slow, the world needs me and my awesome opinions. Otherwise how will it survive? I’m going to kill you Charles! I’m going to kill you!” (Again that kind of behavior is perfectly normal)

But you know what Charles had a point. I have the rest of my life to get into those subjects but as of right now I just felt like taking it slow and allowing you, dear reader, to take a glimpse into who I am. Because in all honesty the world doesn’t need my opinions, as awesome as they are, to survive. At the end of the day I’m just a kid from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan who decided to attend a writing school in Texas because I felt called to come here.

With that out of the way I guess there is only one thing left to say, but right now I don’t feel like saying it. So from all of us here at David, we would like to say farewell and good day. (Or night depends on where you are or what your definition of “day” is. Perspective, perspective, perspective.)


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