“Not Another Poem!” (Sideways)

I can hear the people who have kept up to date with all my blogs so far saying this: “Not another poem!”. So in spite of the two and half of you out there that actually read this thing I am posting another poem. 

(“Where does the ‘half’ come from?” you ask? Well the other half of the siamese twin from Japan that follows my blog, hates my guts and said my blog was too “ostentatious” and continued to call me a “dilettante”. But her favorite movie was the Hunger Games and said that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was “stupid” so what’s her opinion worth anyway right? So I can only count the half that likes me) 

Anyways moving on . . .

This next poem is called ‘Sideways’ and it is inspired by true events. So enjoy!

Or complain either way, I win.


 Irreversible the thought of light

And lovers cloaked with aching skies

Oh staggered woes seep into the morning

The mourning

And taste the tragedy of wandered youth

As it slips into the gutter of memories stained

Oh passion move me into the cages of my blessed fears

Of my blessed wounds

And heaven’s eye dares turn it’s gaze from me

Abandoned in the ocean of dreams and waking eyes

Oh the horror as my soul washes up on a forgotten shore

A wretched world

In drowning did my heart experience salvation

And her lips the taste of my desperation my blindness

Oh beauty leave me with my own destruction

Leave me with tigers

And clothe me in robes of such pretty colors

Let your heart be my footstool and spring be my passion

Oh lovers of light will your fingers be my guide

Be my hopelessness

And watch the rising sun as it washes over a new day

In the face of the evers may you know the heart of pain

Oh villain of truth may you know the world walks

Walks sideways

“But what does it mean?”

That my friend is a question for another blog, but I will tell you the events that inspired this poem involved a goat, horse radish, an oboe player, and a St. Patrick’s Day worth forgetting.


One thought on ““Not Another Poem!” (Sideways)

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