Five “Short” Poems Make One Huge Blog (The “Because I Can” Blog)

Here’s five poems in one blog simply because I can. (Reason: Mainly because I feel individually these five poems work better as a series compiled into one blog than if they stood alone in their own single blogs.) 

Poem #1

And I’m Okay

There, among the faces

The hundreds of wanting hearts

Colliding and breaking into one another

Free falling into the hope of nothing

Of a seamless void

Colored with the smile of beauty

Beauty wrapped in a radiant light

I call the name of beauty 

And beauty’s call nostalgic

Flows into the nothingness

And all that was hoped all that I prayed

Before me like the drowning sea

Like the dream of air

Crippling to the brink 

To the brink of flying 

Everything is beautiful

There, among the faces

The hundreds of wanting hearts

Backstory: I think I was bored in class while I was still in high school and wrote a few poems and this is the only one I kept.

Poem #2

To Love

To lust only true loves shadow is deemed our fates

To kiss the kiss of vanity and our eyes desire is our hearts wait

To hold the allusion that forever’s said can be forever’s will

To give our hearts freely and mourn utter sadness oh ocean still

To you I will, not ours keep in the treasures of my most patient heart

To dream that the day to come to keep a most beautiful truth in my arms

To forever I pray that this oh most wondrous illusion to pass

To hearts true virtues may your tormenting and sorrow cease to last

To waking eyes finding only you and heavens touch alone

To the dreams dreamt and seasons kept may my yearning be known

To ocean dear though you are but drowned deep in ocean blue

To lover true pray you when all has passed forever I and forever you

Backstory: 2 years ago after watching Shakespeare In Love for the first time I felt this urge to write something and this is what transpired from said urges.

Poem #3

To Feel

The walls movie in perfect symmetry

Rhythm escapes the soul

The drum beats out of time

While catching daisies in the snow

I kill the hurting

And the hole that we dare not set our gaze

For the feelings we bury in its smile


Always it stares

As I count its ever-light

With my itchy palms I let go

To caress the only thing I’ve ever known

It cuts and spills into something so real

Something that shines

And I can’t ever forget


Never forget

Backstory: I wrote this for no reason in particular just kind’ve had the first line in my head and ran with it till I felt it’s end. (Fun Fact: Actually lost this poem and rewrote it from memory)

Poem #4

Sonnet I: The Rose

And then the rose of heavens springs

Into a blooming heart so coarse so true

Oh harp! Oh joy! The love it brings

As deep as wide as ocean blue

For wind and rain can sway the heart

But beauty lies in thine sacred storm

Among the ripples torn apart

Is crimson bright so soft so warm

Oh love! Oh love! This heart o’ mine

Where sparrows fly and sparrows flee

Stay gold stay pure your crimson shine

If not than break my breaking plea

“To love to die oh longing moon

To sink to shine oh precious bloom!”

Backstory: My first and kind’ve only sonnet. Wrote it on a whim.

Poem #5

From a Dream

I saw from a dream a light flashing bright

In the ethers stained golden

And my memory frame broken

For love like a flower so solemnly grows

And it’s fate is the winter and the razor sharp snow

And that light that was flashing did make me believe

That a flower in suffering could not be retrieved

In the arms of a lover or the inevitable spring

Or the beauty and wonder of what they would bring

For the sun and the stars and the moon in the sky

Dare not give into memories and in the earth they do die

And their faith over ridden with pain of December

And my heart ever gotten and never remembered

But in sleep there are flowers and lovers and light

For out of the darkness and into the night

Did my heart find a fortress in forgotten dreams

But upon waking and in through the seams

I saw from a dream a light flashing bright

Backstory: Wrote this in class because I didn’t know what the teacher was talking about. Wrote this while I was in Texas as a matter of fact.



2 Short Poems: The Candlelight Sessions

A couple of days ago the power went out in my house, it was a little after midnight, I was alone at the kitchen table, and everything was quiet and peaceful. To commemorate such a happening I lit up some candles got a pen and paper and decided the atmosphere was just right for writing poetry. I ended up writing two short poems (well shorter than I am used to writing). So here they are.


By Candlelight

 As memory flickers

Back and forth between light and dark

These inexplicable moments

Tarry with the ticking of the clocks

And the rustling of the stars

Scattered across an ill-fated sky

Where I once placed my passions

Oh murderous murderous

Disillusioned and unforgiven

The unanswered cries of my blessed isolation

Where I dream to only sleep

For the beckoning of madness

And her luminous tokens

Sieges me with an unspeakable harmony

And a most affectionate agony

Oh cursed mind how long must I suffer your woeful charms?

Can I ever be free of your prisons?

For to love by candlelight is not a dance that I would dance

But a fire that will consume me

And that harrowing beauty will flicker

In the darkness of my soul forevermore


So that was the first poem I wrote and right after I wrote this one . . .


The Tragedy of Waiting

 Oh tragedy!

How seductive are your cries

How folly are my ways

For the bird of thought no longer sings in my mornings

And it’s heart no longer flies in my evenings

But it perches itself on your footstool

Oh loveless creature know the vanity of your ways

And the purposelessness of your song

A song so uninspired and trite

Hope no longer lingers in your gardens

Where you were once free with all other living things

And how not even the sky could contain your passions

Your passions that woke me with each sun rising

And your promises that assured me of my closing eyes

That in the heart of tomorrow

And all the tomorrows that will follow

I should find you singing your songs of love

I should find you soaring on wings of freedom

And know that like the bird that serenades my soul

My hopes and my passions will fly also

Even at the setting of the sun

But alas I am still only waiting


. . . and that’s all I have to ay about that.

“2 Blog Posts In One Day!” Part Two: And Here’s the Poetry (14-19-14)

There’s a story behind how this poem came to be, but I don’t feel like telling it right now. Co-written with a good friend of mine here is 14-19-14 (A Beautiful Coincidence). 

14-19-14 (A Beautiful Coincidence)

It’s like this thing

That’s not there

But you feel it

And you can’t explain it

But it’s there


It’s alive

But there’s nothing

Only traces of thought

That only you can put a name to                                                       

But not with words

But with expressions

And movement

And poetry


It’s like this tension

And expectancy

That you can feel

While you’re tarrying


In that place

Where light

And dark

Dance together in waves

Of motion

And sonance

And you drift


And out

Of black

And white

And color

Variances of intensity

And softness


A constant war

Not of flesh or mind

But of spirits

And concepts

And oceans

And galaxies

Lost in the soundless

And birthed

From the violent storms

Of tomorrow’s sparrows song

That was meant for love

But used for despair

And confusion

And wordlessness 

“2 Blog Posts In One Day!” Part One: Top 5 Memes I Found In 5 Minutes II

2 blogs in one day! I’m sure most of you are all asking “But why?”. Well it’s quite simple really, a lot of people enjoyed the last time I did the whole “Top 5 Memes I Found In 5 Minutes” thing, but most of my followers follow me because of my poetry that I post. So to remedy this I thought I’d please the masses and my followers by posting two blogs today. 

First things first, the memes.

#5 OMG it’s O’Brien! (Squared)


An oxymoron if I ever saw one. On one hand you got the lovably hilarious (or hilariously loveable) Conan O’Brien, but on the other you got Miss O’Brien, the enemy of every 21st century female who owns a television, as well as myself. (I watch Downton Abbey and I’m not ashamed to admit it) Kinda reminds you of Obama doesn’t it.  Hold up I think Barack is trying to say something . . .

#4 Shut Up! Barack Is About to Speak


“I accidentally all the money, is that bad?” *I pause for a moment to collect my thoughts on what was just said* . . . Nope. Sorry Mr. President but you kinda dropped the ball on that sentence. Kinda like the time you (Insert a time when Obama screwed up as president here). Btdubs we all know you ate all the money Barack so stuck your sorries in a sack.

#3 She’s “Lady” Not “Bro” Éowyn


Classic! I can’t explain it, it’s just so simple yet brilliant. It’s simliant! Dang, that doesn’t work. Uh . . . It’s brimple! Frick that’s even worse. Screw it, it makes me laugh okay, so just g.o.m.b.!  

#2 This Baby


Now I’m not one for getting babies intoxicated (or “hamsauced” or “swagged” whatever the kids call it these days) and do not support the ideologies of his parents, but I must say I’d give away my iTunes library to see this meme in real life. Just imagine sitting across from this baby at a social gathering “goo-goo”ing  and “wah-wah”ing about his daily happenings and personal problems, I for one would be most entertained. (That’s not weird, is it?)  

#1 The Greatest Nicolas Cage Meme Ever!


Nic Cage’s last feature film. (Comedy gold)

Part 2 coming soon

The Dancer (A Poem About a Dancer)

Yesterday I wrote a poem and I wasn’t pleased by it. This is not that poem. This was written on a starry night in Texas as I sat on a log, and thought about dancing.

I got the image of a girl dancing ballet on a stage and this was me translating that image into words, or poetry what have you. 

The Dancer

 She moves

So intricate so fragile

With everything

And nothing

The gentle overture

A sweeping discord of love

Lost and broken

Of truth and sacrifice

Her heart bends

With grace and ruined to despair

Oh to keep the soul

To keep the soul

And molded by such pretty lights

By such pretty sounds

Lost in it all

In every direction

The line holds

And beauty’s face harmonious


And everything

Oh strings of heaven’s joy

Be my pain

Be my brokenness

So that I may know

That I may feel

And lose myself once again

Like waves upon the shore

A flower in a garden

A song in the wind

Move me

Break me

And I will stare forever

In the eyes of beauty

As beauty moves

And spills like the sun

Across the fields

And her portrait unveiled

In the form of creation

Oh how I love

Oh how I burn

To live

To feel

To love

To die

And should I die

My heart would pass

Complete yet empty

Whole yet broken

Ever changed

Ever transformed

By these moments

That stain the ethers

With such pretty colors

Like dawn on the ocean

My ocean

Of eternal blue

Of eternal love

And I have heard such beautiful music

And I have felt such glorious pleasures

But never have I seen beauty

Beauty so intricate so fragile

To the tune of angelic voices

And melancholy

Gazing into the very heart of heaven

The very heart that inspires the most hopeless of souls

And how hopeless am I?

And the line

And the overture

And the discord

And everything

And nothing

We are broken

Weathered glass

As she moves

As beauty moves

P.S. Iron Man 3 sucked.