“2 Blog Posts In One Day!” Part One: Top 5 Memes I Found In 5 Minutes II

2 blogs in one day! I’m sure most of you are all asking “But why?”. Well it’s quite simple really, a lot of people enjoyed the last time I did the whole “Top 5 Memes I Found In 5 Minutes” thing, but most of my followers follow me because of my poetry that I post. So to remedy this I thought I’d please the masses and my followers by posting two blogs today. 

First things first, the memes.

#5 OMG it’s O’Brien! (Squared)


An oxymoron if I ever saw one. On one hand you got the lovably hilarious (or hilariously loveable) Conan O’Brien, but on the other you got Miss O’Brien, the enemy of every 21st century female who owns a television, as well as myself. (I watch Downton Abbey and I’m not ashamed to admit it) Kinda reminds you of Obama doesn’t it.  Hold up I think Barack is trying to say something . . .

#4 Shut Up! Barack Is About to Speak


“I accidentally all the money, is that bad?” *I pause for a moment to collect my thoughts on what was just said* . . . Nope. Sorry Mr. President but you kinda dropped the ball on that sentence. Kinda like the time you (Insert a time when Obama screwed up as president here). Btdubs we all know you ate all the money Barack so stuck your sorries in a sack.

#3 She’s “Lady” Not “Bro” Éowyn


Classic! I can’t explain it, it’s just so simple yet brilliant. It’s simliant! Dang, that doesn’t work. Uh . . . It’s brimple! Frick that’s even worse. Screw it, it makes me laugh okay, so just g.o.m.b.!  

#2 This Baby


Now I’m not one for getting babies intoxicated (or “hamsauced” or “swagged” whatever the kids call it these days) and do not support the ideologies of his parents, but I must say I’d give away my iTunes library to see this meme in real life. Just imagine sitting across from this baby at a social gathering “goo-goo”ing  and “wah-wah”ing about his daily happenings and personal problems, I for one would be most entertained. (That’s not weird, is it?)  

#1 The Greatest Nicolas Cage Meme Ever!


Nic Cage’s last feature film. (Comedy gold)

Part 2 coming soon


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