“2 Blog Posts In One Day!” Part Two: And Here’s the Poetry (14-19-14)

There’s a story behind how this poem came to be, but I don’t feel like telling it right now. Co-written with a good friend of mine here is 14-19-14 (A Beautiful Coincidence). 

14-19-14 (A Beautiful Coincidence)

It’s like this thing

That’s not there

But you feel it

And you can’t explain it

But it’s there


It’s alive

But there’s nothing

Only traces of thought

That only you can put a name to                                                       

But not with words

But with expressions

And movement

And poetry


It’s like this tension

And expectancy

That you can feel

While you’re tarrying


In that place

Where light

And dark

Dance together in waves

Of motion

And sonance

And you drift


And out

Of black

And white

And color

Variances of intensity

And softness


A constant war

Not of flesh or mind

But of spirits

And concepts

And oceans

And galaxies

Lost in the soundless

And birthed

From the violent storms

Of tomorrow’s sparrows song

That was meant for love

But used for despair

And confusion

And wordlessness 


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